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Registration of a foreigner (Meldunek)

According to the law, every foreigner who comes to Poland and stays here over 30 days is obliged to register. In the case when the registration application is made through an attorney-in-fact, the attorney-in-fact must show a power of attorney and an ID or a passport.

Required documents:

  1. A passport with a period of stay in the “visa-free” frame or with a valid visa with a stay of more than 30 days; or Passport and residence card valid for more than 30 days;
  2. A document confirming you are entitled to stay at the place of your residence, e.g. lease agreement or document certifying the legal title to the property, etc.
  3. A registration application, which can be downloaded from the website of the City Hall lublin.eu (zakładka Mieszkańcy => jak załatwić sprawę => description usług => Wydział Spraw Administracyjnych => zameldowanie na pobyt czasowy) or obtained directly from the Resident Service Bureau.

If a foreigner rents an apartment, he or she must come to the Resident Service Bureau with a lease agreement. It is best if the foreigner is a party to the agreement. In case the foreigner is not a party to the agreement, the agreement should contain a record that he or she can reside in an apartment (name, passport number, address), if there is no such record, then an annex with such information to the agreement should be written.

If a foreigner is not a party to the agreement, the place for owner’s signature on the registration form must have a legible signature (name, surname) of the person who signed the contract. If, instead of the owner, the agreement was signed by his representative, then the foreigner must also have the owner’s power of attorney. It is also important that the agreement clearly states that the owner is real owner of the apartment and not, for example, a lessor.

If the foreigner resides in the dormitory, then the registration form must be signed by the dormitory manager. The stamp must have Lublin address. If it happens that the address on the stamp is different, then the application must be signed by the administrator of the dormitory  building. It can also be a lease agreement signed by the dormitory  administrator. If the agreement is signed in a foreign language, it should be translated into Polish.

A minor foreigner must have a legible parental name (first and last name) on the registration form, since he or she is not authorized to sign the document by himself or herself. The adult legal representative of parents may sign the document on their behalf if he or she has a power of attorney signed by the parents.

The minimum required registration period for a foreigner who is not a citizen of the European Union is 30 days. If a foreigner wants to register but his/her visa or residence card expires in two weeks or visa-free stay on the biometric passport has exceeded, the foreigner will not be registered.

The exception is the stamp on the passport for lodging a residence permit. In this case, the foreigner can be registered.

The registration service is free of charge.

The employee of the bureau will register the foreigner at the place of residence as soon as he receives the application and documents.

If a foreigner requires a certificate of registration, the employee of the bureau should be informed.

The certification of a temporary residence permit costs 17 zł.

In Lublin a foreigner can register here:

Biuro Obsługi Mieszkańców

ul. Wieniawska 14, stanowiska nr 15, 16, 17 (I piętro)

20-071 Lublin

tel. 81 466 1000

The Bureau is open:

– Monday, Tuesday from 7:45 to 16:45,

– Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7:45 to 15:15.