Helpful tips for Lublin newcomers

Helpful tips for Lublin newcomers

Living in a new city is not always easy. If it is, there won’t be so many different articles and essays dedicated to this topic. It really doesn’t matter how old you are 18 or 38, moving into new environment is difficult and sometimes full of complexities. We also decided to write about this and give you some (hope helpful) tips about how to adjust to life in Lublin.

What you should know about the city is that it is very  friendly and multicultural. Lublin is the largest academic city in Eastern Poland with 9 higher education institutions. The city has over 6500 foreign students coming from nearly 100 different countries! There is a good chance to meet people not only from your country but even from your town. But if at any chance that didn’t happen, we prepared some must-know tips for you:

  • Learn the local language

A great way to blend into local society is to get familiar with the local slang. As a Lublin resident, you should know that Lubelak means a person, who lives in Lublin; Brejdak is a brother; Ciapy are home shoes; Trajtek means trolleybus; Kajtnąć się means come over and many others.

  • Plan your budget

Moving to a new place always means planning your living expenses and budget. Carefully planned budget is a must-have if you don’t want to be alone without money in the new city.

When you come to a new place, it’s always useful to know how much you are going to spend for your living there. On this website  you will find the information about prices in Lublin.

One more thing that you have to know is that Sundays are non shopping in Poland and in Lublin too. The new law bans trade on Sundays. It’s better to go shopping on Saturday.

  • Get into social life

You will never get bored in Lublin. There is always something happening, and it’s always exciting and fun. And in most cases it’s free! You can attend various concerts, exhibitions, festivals, movie shows that city offers to you. Moreover, Lublin is famous for its different fairs and festivals. If you like to spend time in unusual ways and you like puzzles, Lublin is the city for you! Keep yourself informed and visit Lublin official website.

  • Find your own way

It’s time to say hello to your new best friend, Google Maps. Lublin is all connected with Google maps. You can find places and streets you were looking for, and even take a real tour by using Google Earth where streets are scanned by satellites.

If you need to use a bus, there are timetables on every bus stop. Some of the bus stops have the electronic timetables, so you can easily tell when your bus is up to arrive or if it’s delayed because of the traffic etc.

If you need to check the timetables, the bus fares or the bus lines, visit Lublin official ZTM website .

You can buy the bus tickets in kiosks, ticket machines, which are located in some buses and bus stops. If there’s no ticket machine or kiosk, you can eventually buy the ticket at the bus driver, but you will pay more.

  • Find some friends

To call Lublin your new home, you must make new friends. Instead of waiting for new friends to magically appear in your life, you should take a motivated approach. There are a lot of language courses, hobby groups, sports clubs and cultural communities in Lublin that you only need to define your interests and go there to find like-minded people.

So how does it look like to be new in the multicultural student city for you?

Do you have a good advice to make life in Lublin cozier and easier? Do you have an essential piece of advice you wish someone had told you before moving here?

Write us about it.