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A Driving License

You need to register your car or change your driving license? You will do it at the Department of Communications


Non-governmental organization Word Cloud Concept

NGOs in Lublin

Are looking for the help of NGOs? In Lublin there are several such organizations which can help you. Check out their websites:

The Rule of Law Institute | Centre for Support of Migrants and Refugees | Dla Ziemi Association | Homo Faber | Regional Volunteer Center in Lublin | Sempre a Frente

119EUROpens BLOG

EUROpens is a blog about European issues created by the students of the European Studies at KUL.

Its aim is to increase European awareness and break stereotypes on the functioning of European societies. You will find many interesting articles   following the link.



Tax authorities

Did you know that nonresidents of Poland are under income tax obligation based on their working or running a business.

The appropriate tax authorities for handing PIT or CIT in the Lublin Voivodeship is the Head of the 1st Tax Authorities in Lublin (NACZELNIK PIERWSZEGO URZĘDU SKARBOWEGO)

on the Sądowa 5th street.

135Translations for the administrative reasons

If you need translations for the administrative reasons, for example to apply for a resident card, then the documents need to be translated by a sworn translator.

The sworn translator is an official translator who passed the national exams and his name is in the official national list of sworn translators. Before going to the translation office check whether a translator is the sworn one.

Residence card

Did you know that it is possible to prepare all documents for obtaining a residence card by yourself?

Here you will find the list of things that are worth paying attention to while preparing documents for obtaining a residence card.