The project Lublin MigraTeam is co-financed by the National Program of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget.

The project aims at:

1. Improving the quality and strengthening inter-institutional cooperation for foreigners in the Lublin Voivodeship.
2. Improving the quality of service for third-country nationals by employees of public institutions.
3. Raising the legal awareness of third-country nationals residing in the Lublin Voivodeship and improving the access to the legal information.
4. Development of social competences of third-country nationals residing in the Lublin Voivodeship and facilitating the integration process.
5. Raising language competences among foreigners and equalizing their opportunities in the labor market.

In order to improve and diversify foreigners’ life in Lublin, we provide Login:Lublin cards that allow foreigners to have discounts or special offers and promotions from our business partners. Among the business partners of our project are: coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, real estate agencies, driving schools etc.

The activities under the project include:

  • Legal, legalization and integration counseling
  • Legalization and integration consultancy
  • Seminars for foreigners
  • Partnership Program “Login: Lublin”
  • Newsletter “Login: Lublin”
  • Migration Library