The Lublin Tourist Card

The Lublin Tourist Card is an option for those who really want to know every square of this beautiful city – Lublin.

Probably, you are thinking what exactly is this card and what to do to get it. Well,  if you are a person fascinated by this city, I guess, the answer will make you satisfied.

The Lublin Tourist Card is some kind of a cheaper “ticket” which gives: possibilities to free enter to many museums, attractive discounts in some restaurants, sport and culture places, free public transport.  There are a few options where everybody will find something interesting. The card is available in two ways: 24 hours and 72 hours. The most active tourists will be prized by a innovative loyalty system.

The card will be available for tourists, but also for people living in Lublin and the Lublin region. Buying an appropriate touristic option, a tourist will have many recreation and cultural opportunities without additional costs. Additional will be only discounts. The Lublin Touristic Card is a part of 700 anniversary of Lublin celebration. The local government wants to encourage those who have never had any opportunities or plans to visit Lublin.

The card has been sold since May 2017. You can buy it in the Internet or in the Lublin Tourist Card Service Office on Jezuicka 1/3 Street. In my opinion this is a great idea because a one card contains free entrances and discounts which gives the direction in visiting the most special places on Lublin’s map.