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Сhanges of income criteria for entitlement to social assistance

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the changes regarding the income criterion

Verification of the income criteria and amounts of cash benefits from social assistance takes place every 3 years, so in 2022 the income criteria for entitlement to social assistance benefits will change. From January 1, new income criteria will apply, i.e. 776 zł for a single person and 600 zł for people running a shared household with their family. The new income criteria will also affect the situation of foreigners staying on the territory of Poland. In particular, this will apply to the necessary amount to cover the costs of the foreigner’s living or to determine a stable source of regular income for persons applying, for example, for a temporary residence permit. Therefore, from 2022, the amount of costs to cover the foreigner’s maintenance or the amount indicating a stable and regular income must be in line with the criterion set out above.