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Pentecost will be celebrated in Poland very soon. The date of this holiday depends on the date of another moving holiday – Easter. Pentecost is celebrated on the 50th day from Easter Sunday. The holiday is also called “White Sunday” or “Whitsunday” in the United Kingdom, and the Great feasts in tradition of the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

In the Catholic Church this holiday has the status of a liturgical celebration and is celebrated for two days (Sunday and Monday). Although the first day of this holiday is a free day, few people know that until 1951, Poles did not work on the second day of Pentecost, so they had a long weekend. In countries where Protestant denominations predominate, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, Pentecost is celebrated for two days.

Many historians say that the Great feasts were originally pagan holidays of spring. Some historians also associate them with the Slavic holiday of Chereda and the appeal to the forces of nature.

Magical practices were performed to ensure a bountiful harvest. Before this holiday, everyone carefully cleaned his yards and farms.  Homes and churches were decorated with wildflowers and various types of green herbs and plants.  During the day processions with the fields blessings were held, and songs were sung.

Today, Pentecost is a very important church holiday. According to the Holy Bible, 50 days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles.