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Workshops for foreigners

Workshops for foreigners will be conducted in two editions within five thematic blocks each.

The first thematic block is mainly addressed to foreigners who have already worked in Poland. It will concern the rights of a foreign employee, COVID solutions, as well as issues related to legal residence and the legal work possibilities in Poland.

Workshops within the second thematic block will be addressed to newcomers and will concern the items of legalization of stay in Poland.

The third thematic block will be devoted to issues related to taking up a job in Poland: job searching, writing a CV and a cover letter, preparation to the job interview.

The fourth thematic block will concern the legal employment and setting up a business in Poland ant it  will be addressed to foreigners who are last year students. It will cover issues related to the possibilities of taking up a legal work as well as setting up an own business in Poland.

The fifth thematic block will cover the issues connected with the rights and obligations of foreigners during their stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The main aim of these activities is raising the legal and social awareness of foreigners, which will have a positive impact on the integration process, as well as the process of acceptance of foreigners by Polish society.

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