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Did you know that you can import medicines to Poland only…

Did you know that (without the consent of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products) you can take with you the medicines to Poland only in the amount not exceeding five smallest packages? Remember that these medicines must be for personal use only. However, it is worth having a document that justifies the transport of those due to personal health needs.
It should be borne in mind that this does not apply to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or category 1 precursors. Such drugs require an appropriate certificate issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate on the basis of a prescription or medical documentation. Documents allowing for import are issued 15 days before the day of crossing the Polish border, for a specified period of time (not longer than 30 days). A separate declaration is required for each of the prescribed narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.
Remember to make sure that the medicine you want to bring to Poland can be exported from the country from which you are transporting the medicine; while sending medical products to Poland in postal parcels is totally prohibited.