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Did you know that if you have a foreign driving licence…

Did you know that if you have a foreign driving licence and have been living in Poland for at least 185 days, you can exchange it for a Polish driving licence? Check how to do this! A driving licence issued by a country that is a party to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic can be exchanged without any additional conditions. You just need to prepare following documents: application form to change a driving licence, proof of payment in the amount of 100 zl 50 gr., photo 35×45 mm, copy of your driving licence along with its translation into Polish, yord ID card or passport and document that proves your legal residence in Poland for at least 185 days in the last calendar year (e.g. copy of residence card, national visa). After submitting a set of documents in the appropriate office, the process of verifying the driver’s license with the relevant foreign authority begins (it also requires a separate payment – you will receive the details at the office). This verification can take up to several months, and after confirmation all of the information your polish driving licence will be ready for collection within 14 working days. If your driving licence does not comply with the conventional model, you will have to meet some additional conditions to change your driving licence into a Polish one. Firstly you will need to have a Driver candidate profile number (PKK), which will be generated at the appropriate office after submitting the required documents indicated above. Another condition is that you need to pass theoretical exam in the Voivodship Center on Road Traffic (WORD). When you do these steps and after verification of the documents, you just have to wait for the Polish driving licence. Remember, if you have a driving licence of one of the EU or EFTA countries, you don’t have to exchange it – it is valid in Poland.