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Pole’s Card in the Lublin Voivodship

Did you know, that starting October 19, 2021, applications for granting, extending the validity, as well as for issuing a duplicate of the Pole’s Card can also be submitted to the Lublin Voivode?
You probably know that since October 2017 such a right has been granted to the Podlaski Voivode – he is entitled to receive and deal with such applications. For the period of 4 years, the Podlaskie Voivode was a bit lonely in these activities, but this will not be the case anymore. Thanks to the lately legal changes starting October 19, 2021, such a right were also granted to the Lublin Voivode. An appropriate tab allowing foreigners to register for the submission of document was already added on the website: https://cudzniemcy.lublin.uw.gov.pl/. This is probably good news for a large number of Belarusian students/employees living in and around Lublin.