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Purchase of real estate in Poland without a permit

Did you know that, as a foreigner, you can acquire immovable property in Poland without a permit from the Minister of the Interior and Administration? There are circumstances in which you do not need such consent to acquire a real estate. Be sure to check if these circumstances apply to you.
Whether or not such consent is required determines the nature of the property and your legal situation as an acquirer. Real estate such as self-contained dwellings (simply: apartment) with adequate housing conditions and premises (or shares in such premises) designated as a garage to ensure adequate housing conditions do not require such permit. In addition, you are exempt from obtaining such a permit if you live in Poland for 5 years from the date of granting you a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU residence permit, or if you are the spouse of a Polish citizen and reside in Poland for at least 2 years on the basis of permanent residence permit or long-term EU residence permit, and the purchased real estate will become common property.
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