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Transport in Lublin

BOLT in Lublin
Did you know that through your BOLT application you can also rent electric scooters in Lublin? Yes, in 2020, the BOLT company expanded its offer for Lublin residents with the service of renting electric scooters per minute. You do not need to download a separate application or make an additional registration – you can do everything in the standard BOLT application, which you probably already have. The cost per minute of rent is only PLN 0.50 – stay safe and have fun on the streets of Lublin 😉

Have you ever wondered what those metal lines/dots at the railway station, bus station or in the subway are? Yes, we are talking about those lines which are realy slippery if you have wet shoes. Surely, if you travel a lot, you have seen them in many places in Poland.
Do you know what those are?
These are special ‘guides’ for blind people called ‘invisible paths’ and are designed to help those people orientate themselves in the space of a station or a subway. So next time, while waiting for the train or a bus, try not to block these paths with your suitcase or backpack.
Have you seen those in Lublin?

1Public transport

There are timetables on every bus stop. Some of the bus stops have the electronic timetables, so you can easily tell when your bus is up to arrive or if it’s delayed because of the traffic etc.

If you need to check the timetables, the bus fares or the bus lines, go to www.ztm.lublin.eu.

You can buy the bus tickets in kiosks, ticket machines (they are located in some buses) and some bus stops. If there’s no ticket machine or kiosk, you can eventually buy the ticket at the bus driver, but you will pay more.

5Moving through the city

Lublin is all connected with a Google maps. You can find places and streets you were looking for, and even take a real tour by using Google Earth where streets are scanned by satellites. Just write the name of the street in the search box, or start from any place to roam through.

You can even sneak at your friends if they are studying or not!

Moving through the city can’t get easier! Streets have names. Buildings have numbers and each house or apartment has its number too. The word street in polish is ,,ulica’’, and it’s usually abbreviated as ,,ul’’ before street name. For instance, ul. Chopina 14/82 means Chopina street, building nr 14 and room (or apartment) nr 82. Follow this address and you will find the most beautiful people in town. Yes it’s us, most welcome!



Through Lublin by bike

Lublin has about 110 kilometers of bicycle paths that lie on the different parts of the city. Additionally, during spring, summer and autumn everyone has a possibility to rent a bicycle or even a tandem bicycle.



Did you know what are these „buses on the ropes”? These are trolleybuses – buses working on electricity connected with the electric construction. This kind of communication is provided only in few cities in Poland, Lublin is among them. The first electric construction for trolleybuses  was opened in 1953.




If you need to travel by train we encourage you to use the Polish Train website. The main train station in Lublin is on Plac dworcowy 1. The tickets can be bought via Internet, on the train station and in trains. However, the ticket bought in the train from the ticket collector can be more expensive.


35Night Public transport

If you need to come back home late in the evening or at night, you can use night communication lines in Lublin:

N1: the line going from Choiny through the city centre to almost Zemborzycki Lake

N2: the line going from Poręba through the city centre to Felin and Felicity shopping mall and Świdnik

N3: the line going from Skansen through the city centre to the central railway station and Abramowicka street.

The buses go every hour from 11 p.m. till around 4.30 a.m. You can use standard bus tickets.

37The closest Airports to Lublin 

– The Lublin Airport on the Króla Jana III Sobieskiego 1 street in Świdnik, more info here 

– The Warsaw Chopin Airport on Żwirki i Wigury 1 street in Warsaw, more info here 

– The Airport Modlin-Warsaw on Generała Wiktora Thommée 1a street in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, more info here 

– Rzeszów International Airport in Jasionka 942, more info here 


Did you hear about PolskiBus? Do you want directly and comfortable get from Lublin to cities such as Warszawa, Kraków, Zakopane or Władysławowo, or indirectly from Warszawa to many other cities in Poland and abroad? With PolskiBus you will have a nice, comfortable trip. PolskiBus offers among others e.g.: free WiFi, air conditioning, toilets, and – what is important – facilities for disabled people. What is more, you can book your tickets earlier even for 1 PLN. I know from my experience, that thanks to thesemany advantages, even a very long journey passes pleasantly. Find more information on their website.


Are you looking for local or intercity buses? Check the official bus transport website http://lubelskiedworce.pl/ or the browser of transport connections http://www.e-podroznik.pl/. However, make sure in the ticket office or from the bus driver that you are waiting in the proper bus stop and you are driving in the proper destination. Lublin residents have also some problems with finding the precise bus stop or bus itself.

88Lublin has the system of carsharing

Did you know that system of carsharing that is available for everyone during 24 hours per day is working in Lublin?

Lublin has the system of carsharing. This is the initiative of private companies. The service has no much difference from the system of rental bikes that have become very popular in Lublin. As in the case of bikes, to rent a car, is very easy. First, you must register in the system. Registration is very simple, it requires filling in the application form and copy of driving license. After the checking, within 24 hours the account would be activated. To make reservations of the car you need to visit the website: www.lubelskisamochod.eu, and open the map, which shows available cars. The rent of the city car costs one zloty per one minute of driving.