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Tourism in Poland

You probably know the famous Jesus Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro? But did you know that it’s not the biggest one? The biggest statue of Jesus Christ is located in Poland!
The famous and tallest in the world statue of Jesus Christ is located in western part of Poland in the city called Świebodzin. It took 5 years to build the statue and in 2010 it was finished. Christ the King has a height of 33 meters, symbolizing a traditional belief that Jesus age at his death was 33. It took five years in total to construct and cost around $1.5 million to build, which was collected only from donations. The statue of Christ the King in Poland is 3 meters taller than the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, standing at 30.1 meters tall without its pedestal.

Did you know that the oldest restaurant in Europe is in Poland?
Piwnica Świdnicka is the oldest restaurant in Europe. The restaurant is located on the main market square in Wrocław. The restaurant was founded in 1273 during the reign of Piast family. The name comes from the nearby city of Świdnica, from where beer was delivered to the restaurant in the middle ages.

Did you know that Lublin airport gives you the great opportunity to fly more and pay less. Check all new flights on the: https://www.airport.lublin.pl/

Do you like gingerbreads? Do you know which Polish city is associated with gingerbreads?
It is Toruń, the city which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You are warmly invited to explore our beautiful country!

Lublin inaugurated innovative way of exploring city like many others cities in Europe?
Tourist attractions visitors can observe while riding power-driven machines. Visiors get information of attractions in English, Russian, Ukrainian and German language.

Brama Krakowska in Lublin is an extract of medieval urban walls?
Daily resounds there a bugle call.

Did you know that…. Polish mountains: Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest mountains in Europe? Świętokrzyskie Mountains were formed about 500 mln years ago!! In their history they were
overflowed and destroyed by the sea.

Did you know that…. in Poland there is the biggest desert in Europe?
This is Błędów Desert which is located on the Silesian Upland between Błędów and the village of Chechło. The desert occupies an area of about 33 km². It is an attractive aim for hiking and horse riding.

4Sightseeing in Lublin

There are so many beautiful places to see in Lublin! To get all the info’s about them, you should visit the touristic information in Lublin which is located on Jezuicka 1/3 street.

You can also check its website www.lublintravel.pl to see what is worth visiting where to go and what to do.




The narrowest street in Lublin

The narrowest street in Lublin is Ku Farze St. It is located in the Old Town, almost in front of Po Farze Square.





Zemborzycki Lake

Zemborzycki Lake covers an area of 280 hectares. The length of the coastline is 12 km.





Lublin’s underground

There is 300 meters long tourist route that runs under the buildings of the Lublin’s Old Town.





The Botanic Garden

Do you know that the Botanic Garden is a great place for spending a day outside? Check the opening hours available at the website www.umcs.pl. The address of the Botanic Garden is Sławinkowska 3 St. – the entrance is from Willowa St. The tickets’ prices are from 3 to 8 PLN which depends on your age. We highly recommend this place.




PTTK touristic office

Are you looking for any idea for a trip? Maybe you would like to find a good guide in Lublin? You can go to the PTTK touristic office and check what they offer. Here is the link for a website.





Have you ever been to Skansen? Nowadays there has been a new form of visiting the Open Air Village Museum in Lublin. Having your own smart phone you can walk and check QR codes that are stuck to the buildings in the museum. Thanks to this application you can check short histories of the building, pictures and the map of the museum.



The Lublin audio guide

Under some specific circumstances and rules, there is a possibility to borrow the Lublin audio guide for free. The machine can be taken away with a tourist for a walk on Lublin’s routes. The audio guide contains the headsets and a receiver with the recordings. The audio guide can be borrowed on Jezuicka 1 street  during the tourist information office hours.




An authentic Old Town

Did you know that Lublin’s Old Town is authentic?  We will find there not only medieval urban layout or old beautiful tenements but also other architectural monuments from different ages. There is no way not to fall in love with Old Town.




St. Valentin

St. Valentin is a patron of all lovers, people with mental illness and epilepsy. His day is celebrated on 14 February. Did you know that his relicts are here in Lublin? We can find them in two churches – pw. Nawrócenia św. Pawła and Św. Mikołaja.


balonBalloon Flight

If your dream was Balloon Flight and you always wanted to know what it feels like to enjoy beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises from bird’s flight – you are on right way to do it. You have such a great opportunity in Lublin and areas thanks Hardworkers Team! Balloon Flight can be a unique gift for all of occasions or just active way to spend time with friends or family.


65Gutek and Ziutek

Did you know that… Lublin can be visited by tourist buses? It is the line T provided by the bus called Gutek and the trolleybus Ziutek. The price of such a trip is 3,20 PLN for adult tourists and 1,60 PLN for the ticket with the student discount – the tickets can be bought from the bus driver. During the trip there won’t be any stop bus not to disturb the whole trip. It lasts around 50 minutes. A guide will tell you some stories about Lublin and will show tourist places in Lublin. Don’t wait! Have fun!




Do you like animals? Do you want to stand face to face with a tiger or listen to meerkats? Or maybe you want to see the smallest monkey in the world? If your answer is yes then definitely you must go to ZOO in Zamośc. You can go there by the intercity bus or by the train. Don’t wait, It’s worth it!


92Lublin City tour
Did you know that Lublin City tour works in Lublin?
It is a new form of visiting Lublin by small electric buses going around the city.
More info here

lublin-1052726_1920Did you know that according to customs and traditions to describe the old, central part of Lublin the word “starówka” is not used?

“Starówka” is the oldest district with historic buildings.

It is often a term used in a slang use, however it is not really correct. To name the old city centre  in a correct form we use the official name of the district – The Old Town.


125Manhole through

Did you know that in Lublin is a manhole through which you can see “Czechówka river”?

You can check it by yourself.

The only thing you should do is to  go to Ruska Street and look for inscription “Czechówka” under your feet.

128Plac Litewskski

Did you know that the name of Plac Litewskski have been changed three times?

First name was the “Plac Musztry” (The Drill’s Square) due to military deliberations that took place there. To commemorate Lublin Union which were held there, the square was given the name “Plac Litewski” (The Lithuanian Square). During communism the name was changed into Plac Józefa Stalina (The Josif Stalin Square). It was only after the fall of the communist regime the square permanently took the name of Plac Litewski (The Lithuanian Square).

113Here you can find some useful info about Lublin history

  • Have you ever heard about Rialto Cinema? It was functioning in Lublin till the end of 1960s in the building of the Old Theatre at Jezuicka Street.
  • During the Zabory Period (when Poland was not independent) at Krakowska Gate patriotic anthem “Boże coś Polskę” (God, save Poland) was performed instead of traditional bugle call?
  • Do you know that Lubartowska Street was formerly called Nowa and Rady Delegatów?
  • Behind the Ratusz there is a small street called In 1930 the bus stop was located there. What is interesting, more than 100 buses where departing from Lublin every day.

More info can be found here: Lublin. Przewodnik, red. Bernard Nowak, Lublin 2000.

lublin_przewodnikLublin: you must know it!

  • Lublin has been called the Goat City for centuries but it must be noted that its modern emblem was approved just in 1936. The legend about the goat could be found here
  • Promenade at Krakowskie Street will celebrate its 20th anniversary – it was opened just in 1997!
  • Before the monument of Józef Piłsudski has been located at Litewski Square, there had been existing political piece of art called the “Monument of Gratefulness for Red Army”!
  • The Faculty of Political Science of UMCS is located in Radziwiłłowski Palace – there you can find beautiful wooden gate with door – handle in the form of the Lublin Goat!
  • Did you know that in 1954 an idea to build a Triumphal Arch in Lublin was born? The monument should commemorate the 10th anniversary of Polish People’s Republic, it should be located at Raclawickie Street next to the present Rector’s Office of Medical University.
  • Have you ever visited the church at Poczekajka? In 2013 it won the contest for the most beautiful church in Lublin of Kurier Lubelski. Its monumental form is very impressive and refers to the shape of the boat!


There are so many different castles in Poland with their unique history and magic, with their legends and heroes. There are some very interesting castles that are not really far from Lublin. More information you may find here.

Towns near Lublin that you should visit

Lublin is the biggest city in Eastern Poland. It has its own magic and unique beauty.

But it is not the only city in that part of the country, there are some old towns near Lublin that you should visit. Those towns worth to be seen.

Known and unknown places of Lublin

There are many unknown places of Lublin that you should know about :

Czechówka Valley

The Saxon Garden

the Freedom Square

The Andersen’s Theatre Square

Lublin Castle

What did you see when you arrive to Lublin by bus?

The first city building which you can see is the Lublin Castle, which is the part of the Old Town and is directly opposite the main bus station.

It is not very impressive from the first sight, but to understand the role of the castle you need to know its story.

Lublin had been the capital of Poland?

Lublin had been the capital of Poland twice, but only for a few months.

Both times it had been associated with wars: first time after the World War I, and the second time at the end of World War II.

The forest preserve “Stasin”

The forest preserve “Stasin” is an interesting place to spend some free time outside feeling the smell of the woods. The forest preserve “Stasin” is located in Lublin, near The Zemborzycki Lake.

The easiest way to come into the woods is walking from the Stary Gaj street. It is the wide forest of 25 hectares of nature.  In 1981 the woods were registered as the forest preserve.

Czuby Gorge and the Park of John Paul II

Looking for interesting places in Lublin just to go for a walk or ride a bike you should remember about two incredible places: Czuby Gorge and the Park of John Paul II. Going around the Czuby area we will reach to a gorge cut by blocks of flats.

Walking on roads we can easily walk through both sides of the gorge. The whole architecture of this place was adjusted to the natural area and shape of the gorge. Nowadays, it has been a great place for spending free time of people in Lublin.


One of many attractive places to visit near Lublin is Nałęczów. The town is famous for its healing waters that was discovered in the 18th century and then developed as a health resort, mainly for circulatory disorder treatments. In the 19th century the owner of Nałęczów intended to make it a garden-town and this original state of the place has been well-kept until today. A very beautiful spa park is the heart of Nałęczów. The river Bohotniczanka runs through the park and creates the charming view of a small pond with an island, in the center of the park.


Puławy has great communication ways with Lublin. You can just take a train, and 30 minutes later you are in Puławy. Across picturesque squares, fountains and streets we reach to a great palace with a garden.  The whole park and garden can be visited for free. The entrance to the museum is paid. Check the trailer of the city from the Tourictic Service of the City of Puławy.

European Hamster

Did you know that in Lublin, on Czechów lives the European Hamster? It lives here in its natural habitat.

It is the biggest hamster in the whole world. The European Hamster is an endangered species.

Free Tours

Did you know that Free guided tours in Polish cities are becoming more and more common.

They are called Free Tours. For more information, just type in Google – * name of  the city * Free Tours and order a tour.

Sezon Lublin

Every year in Lublin there are special touristic and sport events.

Sezon Lublin is a festival inviting for spending your free time in an interesting form.