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Ukraine in the Center of Lublin – Ukraina w Centrum Lublina

The 14th edition of the Ukrainian Culture Festival “Ukraine in the Center of Lublin” has started yesterday. The festival will be held hybrid from Thursday, November 18 to Sunday, November 21, as every year in a warm and friendly atmosphere, among creative and interesting personalities. The festival aims to present Ukrainian culture through literature, art, photography and cinema.

It is organized by the Foundation for Spiritual Culture of the Borderland, which involves Ukrainian students, representatives of the Ukrainian minority in Poland, as well as Poles interested in Ukraine.

During the 14th edition of the festival, will take place a number of different events. Among them, there will be a literary meeting with Aleksandra Zinchuk, during which will be presented a bilingual collection of her poems entitled “Ja De/ Ï Ду Де”. A bilingual collection of poems by the author entitled “Ja De/ Ï Ду Де” will be presented during the meeting. Another event will be a presentation of the collection of uncensored works of Lesa Ukrainka in 14 volumes, which were published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the writer. Then, on Saturday, November 20, there will be an online meeting with Roman Kabachiy, a historian and publicist, and a meeting with Kateryna Babkina devoted to her newest book “Nobody danced like my grandfather,” published in the East Express publishing series, translated by Bohdan Zadura. The whole program of the festival you can be found below.

18.11.2021 Thursday

10.00 – Ukrainian Culture Day.

St. Dominic Guzman Mediterranean High School

14.00 – Presentation of the album “Ukrainian theatrical costume of the XX-XXI century. Sketches”. (on-line)

16.00 – Presentation of Aleksandra Zinchuk’s collection of poems “Ja De”.

Józefa Czechowicz Museum, 3 Złota St.

16.00 – Workshop on rhetoric.

Borderland Spiritual Culture Foundation, 1 Botaniczna St.

19.11.2021 Friday

13.00 – Presentation of the collection of Lesia Ukrainka’s works in 14 volumes.

Institute of Central Europe.

15.30 – Workshop on mobile photography.

Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland, 1 Botaniczna St.

20.11.2021 Saturday

10.00 – Historical and poetic walk “Ukrainians in Lublin”. Beginning: Shevchenko Square.

12.00 – Workshops of gingerbread icing.

Borderland Spiritual Culture Foundation, 1 Botaniczna Street.

13.00 – A guided walking tour “Ukrainians in Lublin”. Start: Shevchenko square.

15.00 – “Torn from their roots”: talk with Roman Kabachiy (on-line)

17.00 – „No one danced like my grandfather”. Meeting with Kateryna Babkina.

Crown Tribunal.

19.00 – Musical evening “Songs that unite”.

21.11.2021 Sunday

13.00 – Announcement of the results of the “A frame from Ukraine” contest (on-line)

14.00 – Floristic workshops.

Borderland Spiritual Culture Foundation, 1 Botaniczna St.

17.00 – Announcement of the results of the literary competition “The best memory from Ukraine” (on-line)